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Bosko and Honey (1932)

Bosko and Honey (1932)
Bosko and Honey (1932) Bosko and Honey (1932) 5 / 10 by 1 users
Title:Bosko and Honey
Original Title:Bosko and Honey
Director:Hugh Harman
Writer: N/A
Release: 1932-04-17
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Runtime: 7 min.
Genre: Comedy, Animation

 Production Company:Leon Schlesinger Studios, The Vitaphone Corporation
 Plot Keyword:dancing, lightning, cat, saxophone, music teacher, tree, bicycle, violin, telephone, character name in title, anthropomorphism, singing, dog, cartoon cat, anthropomorphic animal, kittens, looney tunes, sleeping, walking on piano keys, cartoon dog, bosko, bubble, pupil, honey the character, tickling chin, anthropomorphic telephone, practicing violin, covering ears with hands, anthropomorphic tree, child practices violin, dog and tree gag
 Alternative Titles:


    Honey tries to teach the violin to an unwilling kitten. Later, she and Bosko go off on a bicycle ride.
    Honey (voice) (uncredited)

    Characters : Honey (voice) (uncredited)

    Actor : Rochelle Hudson

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